Electrical Energy & Cost Calculators

Making energy calculations simple, quickly convert 1Ph and 3Ph units from one unit to another showing a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cost analysis.

These calculators can be used to calculate current loads to help you determine an appliance cable size ( note: will not choose the cable for you! ).

The calculators are selected from Excel’s toolbar drop-down menu and are simple to use, only requiring Microsoft Excel to run them.

1ph 3ph unbal

1Ph Energy Calculator, 3Ph Energy Calculator, Single Phase Electrical Calculator, Three Phase Electrical Calculator,

3Ph Neutral Calculator, Electrical Cost Calculator, Cost of Energy, Energy Excel Add-In, Unbalanced Neutral Calculator

Ohms Law Calculator, Series Resistance Calculator, Parallel Resistance Calculator


How to purchase

1. Click the Buy Now  button to be directed to PayPal’s website.

2. Follow PayPal’s online instructions on how to make your payment.

3. Once payment is confirmed, your calculator pack will be emailed to your registered paypal address.

How to use

1. An Excel file will be emailed to you as an attachment, an Excel Add-In - filename & format “E-Calcs.xlam

2. Save “E-Calcs.xlam” to your PC and open as a normal Excel file, the toolbar will show a new drop menu.

3. Choose from the drop-down menu the calculator required ( note: all 4 shown here will be available ).

Please note: E-Calcs.xlam will expire 12 months after the date of purchase.


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