E-Calcs - Electrical calculations made easy

Notice: E-Calcs can only be used with Microsoft Excel

1. Calculate units of single phase loads showing the cost to run such loads.

2. Calculate units of three phase loads showing the cost to run such loads.

3. Calculate the neutral current from an imbalanced three phase system.

4. Calculations based around Ohms Law including volt drop.

5. Calculate the cost of electrical energy used.

6. Calculate the cost of gas energy used.

7. * NEW * Confirm by regulation, the size and length of an electrical cable
by answering 20 easy to understand questions each with feedback,

and adhering to the current IET Wiring Regulations 2018.


E-Calcs £19.99

Sizer 1Ph Neutral Energy 3Ph OhmsLaw Energy Sizer Sizer <1 <2 <3 <4 <5 <6 BS7671 2018 CABLE CALCULATOR

How to get your copy of E-Calcs

1. Click the Buy Now  button to be directed to PayPal’s website.

2. Follow PayPal’s online instructions on how to make your payment.

3. Once your payment is confirmed, E-Calcs will be emailed to your registered paypal address.

How to use

Within an email receipt, will be a file called E-Calcs.zip, unzip the Excel Add-In E-Calcs.xlam.

Save E-Calcs.xlam to a folder on your PC and open E-Calcs.xlam as a normal Excel file.
The Excel toolbar will show a new drop menu called Add-Ins and a sub menu E-Calcs

Click E-Calcs and then choose from the onscreen menu the calculator required.

Please note: E-Calcs.xlam will expire when the IET Regs 18th edition expires.

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