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Within the construction industry, drawings are your bible, they are the means of turning an idea into reality, drawings are issued as PDF’s and are often revised to move or include additional services, this is where Document Control steps in, Drawing Register was the result of managing drawings which were rapidly changing revision, a system providing very fast access to the latest site drawings which was easily managed by one person, create and share your drawings between your colleagues without clogging up your servers email space!


Drawing Register

Written to assist my job role as an onsite electrical technician, I developed this application to catalogue onsite drawings comparing active and superseded simultaneously.

Excel knowledge is not a requirement, Drawing Register is very easy to use and quick to setup, provides hyperlink access to local and networked files or documents.



New Users: When first opened, select worksheet “Prefs”, you will be asked what type of database to setup.

Updates: When you download an update, select worksheet “Local”, this will import your existing records.

Drawing Register can be used to manage any database, Drawings / Receipts / Audio & Video collections etc.

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Excel 2002/3

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Excel 2007+

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