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Having hands on experience within the electrical, industrial & commercial field for 27 years, I would like to offer two Excel apps I have written and use daily.   

Drawing Register: Will help you organise and speed up the office side of your job, it is quick to setup and even easier to use and is totally free of charge.

Distboard Manager: Will help you organise and manage an entire LV system of 2880 circuits across 80 SP&N or TP&N boards - supplied empty.

 Distboard Manager has an annual fee, it can also come with your LV system pre-setup if required, you only need to enter test results! POA.


Drawing RegisterDistboard Manager

Microsoft Excel based software

Creates databases which can be

quickly updated and shared to

other Drawing Register users.

Ideal for construction sites for

 Current & Superseded drawings.

Personal & Business receipts.

Audio & Video files to create CD’s.

Personal & Business assets.

Personnel Induction forms.

On-site Plant & Equipment.

Productivity & Builders delays.

Record your pay/wage slips.

Requisitions & Goods returns.


Many more database applications.


Microsoft Excel based software

See the status of your LV system in

a single glance, enter a specific DB

to cost it’s material content.

Analyse per zone, wing or floor.

Count DB’s, Cabling & Devices.

View LV works carried out i.e:,

% Cabled, Dead or Live tested.

Report all new circuits added.

Adobe Acrobat required

Download and update by hand,

DB circuit legends, this process

is automated using D.Manager.


Adobe Acrobat required

Download and update by hand,

DB test schedules, this process

is automated using D.Manager.


Distboard Manager Populated

If you would like your LV system

pre-populated into D.Manager by

an electrical Technician listing

all it’s pre-design errors and the

ability to enter only test results,

press the Feedback for a POA.

You can use the test scheules

of D.Manager as your final sheets.

Circuit Legends DB Schedules Feedback

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